5 Awesome Android Apps You Must Install Right Now

Android has become a big platform for app developers as well as the users who use them. There are a ton of Android apps available now on Google Play Store for your download and installation on your Android device. Some of them are costly too and even some of them are completely free. Best Android apps usually cost you a couple of bucks. But there are plenty of Android apps with amazing features as well as they are free.

So the question that comes to everyone’s mind is, which are the best free Android apps for Android devices to download and install in 2018.
Hello everyone. Today I’ll be sharing the best Android apps of 2018 that you need to install on your device right now. These apps are widely popular all over the globe. So without wasting time, let’s just get into this android apps list.

Open camera

5 Awesome Android Apps You Must Install Right Now
Open camera


The open camera app is basically a fully featured complete camera pack for android devices and tablets.
There are so many awesome features in this camera app like auto-stabilize so your pictures are at perfectly level no matter what.

There are settings for adjusting the exposure of your camera which is the best part of this app according to me. This is really a great feature if you want to record videos with this app.

There are many other options like focus mode, scene mode, white balance, color effect, face detection.

Video recording in this app includes HD recording as well as you can take photos while recording the video. You can even configure your volume keys.

There are many more cool options that you will find in this app in comparison to a DSLR camera to make your videos awesome.

This is ultimately a small-size camera app that is more powerful and more advanced than your default camera app on your Android device.

I am currently using this app for recording my videos on my YouTube channel and I have to say that this is the best camera android app which you will find for free with the ultimate features.

App Lock

5 Awesome Android Apps You Must Install Right Now
App Lock


I think most of you guys already know about this app as it is the most downloaded app lock in the play store right now. But still, I thought I should include it in this list.

It is an amazing and awesome app for protecting your privacy with passwords, Patterns, and even fingerprint locks.
This is the number one app lock in over 50 countries. There are over 300 million users who are using this app.

App lock can lock your android apps. If anyone would try to open the locked apps then they have to insert your password or your pattern or your fingerprint. In this way, it prevents unauthorized access to your Android app and it maintains privacy, and ensures the security of your Android apps.

More than that, it has a hidden vault in the app itself where you can hide your photos as well as your videos. So that no one can access them without your permission. Overall it is an amazing app with some amazing features for security and privacy on your android device.


5 Awesome Android Apps You Must Install Right Now


If you are one of those awesome people who share their photos on social media then you definitely need this Android app.

Picsart has a unique design. With the help of this great android app, you can edit your photos instantly.

Picsart has some amazing options for editing your photos with effects and texts. You can even make a beautiful photo collage. There are some amazing drawing tools. So this is the perfect tool to unleash your creativity.


5 Awesome Android Apps You Must Install Right Now


We have already talked about a camera app and a photo editing app. Now you may be thinking if there is any good video editing app. Then this is the perfect tool for you.
Kine master is a fully-featured professional video editing app for your Android device.

You can edit awesome videos with the help of this app.

There is no other app for Android which is even close to this app when it comes to the options and features it provides. It has options for effects, text as well as all the cutting and trimming options.

There are options for filters, 3D transitions, and much more. You can even use green screen features in KineMaster.

Overall this is an amazing app that provides a full level of control over your editing process within your Android device.

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Google keep


At the end of the list, we have this amazing app Google Keep.

I personally use and recommend this app to everyone. It has some of the basics and the most amazing features.

So basically with this app, you can add notes, lists, and photos.

You can even add voice notes to make sure you never forget what you need to remember. This can be a useful tool in your studies as well as for your work.

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