Top 15 Best Ukulele Brands in India & World

Your trust in the brand is very important when buying an instrument such as Ukulele. A trustworthy and reputable ukulele brand will provide you with the best quality ukulele at a competitive price. So in this article, we will look at the Top 10 best Ukulele Brands in India & the world. We have also listed these ukulele brands’ best ukulele models.

Factors to consider before buying a Ukulele

Many factors go into deciding the best ukulele for your needs. These factors are Size, Design, Quality of wood, weight and budget. Although we have listed the best soprano, tenor, baritone and concert ukulele brands which are known for their quality products. You will still benefit from a buying guide as it will help you understand how these factors affect the kind of ukulele you want to buy. We have the full buying guide listed in our other article along with our picks for the Top 10 Best Ukulele for Beginners in India & Worldwide.

List of Top 15 Best Ukulele Brands in India & World

  1. Kadence Ukulele
  2. Kala Ukulele
  3. Mahalo Ukulele
  4. Vault Ukulele
  5. Fender Ukulele
  6. Flight Ukulele
  7. JUAREZ Ukulele
  8. Aklot Ukulele
  9. Tanglewood Ukulele
  10. Donner Ukulele
  11. Muso Ukulele
  12. Generic Ukulele
  13. INTERN Ukulele
  14. Cordoba Ukulele
  15. Hricane Ukulele

1. Kadence Ukulele

Kadence Ukulele brand image
Kadence – number 1 in the list of Top 15 Best Ukulele Brands in India & World

Kadence Ukulele brand has some of the bestsellers products currently. These ukuleles are widely bought by people with different kinds of skills from beginners to intermediate to expert-level ukulele players. Kanence is a Bengaluru-based company that has outlets in Bengaluru, Delhi, Goa and Hyderabad.

When we say that Kadence is in the number one spot in India when it comes to top ukulele brands in India, we say that only after considering the trust and brand value Kadence has created in the ukulele market as of today. Not just in India, Kadence has also expanded itself in foreign markets like the USA. Kadence manufacturing unit is still based in India near Hoskote, Karnataka. This is to provide musical instruments to Indians at affordable prices.

Country of OriginIndia
Founder NameSiddhartha Jhunjhunwala
Popular modelKadence Concert Sized Ukulele 24-inch, Kadence Wanderer Series ukulele, Ukulele 24 Mahogany Black – Concert
Products typeUkulele, Saxophone, Guitar, Piano, Guitalele and Kalimba

2. Kala Ukulele

Kala Ukulele brand image
Kala is among the ukulele brands made in the USA

In Hawaiian, the word “Kala” means “good fortune”, which is the source of their brand name. Today, Kala is one of the most popular ukulele brands in the world. It has expanded its business in over 50 countries all over the world. Kala brand operates from Petaluma city, which is based in the California state of USA. Their warehouses are spread in regions like Honolulu, HI, VA and Ashland.

They are very proud of the fact that big brands and bands use their ukulele products by choice. “Twenty One Pilots” and “Vance Joy” are some of those brand names. This fact alone puts Kala among the top ukulele brands easily.

Country of OriginUnited States of America
Founder NameMike Upton
Popular modelKala KA-15S Mahogany, Kala MK-SS Makala Soprano

3. Mahalo Ukulele

mahalo ukulele brand image

A company based in Nagoya, Japan by the name of Kikutani Music created Mahalo as the brand name for their future ukuleles. This was in 1999. A lot has changed after that. Today Mahalo claims that it is the most-played ukulele brand in the world. Similar to Kala, Mahalo also has its brand name origin in Hawaiian. In Hawaiian, mahalo means “thank you”.

They came up with the idea of producing a new range of ukuleles that is affordable even to beginners and still playable to buyers. This was a big change because other ukuleles in that cheap price range were not playable, they were considered toys. But now due to Mahalo, that has changed. Mahalo became a serious player with that one single move and was now considered among the top professional ukulele brands. After that, they sold a large amount of ukuleles in Japan alone, but they didn’t stop there. Today they have a big international presence.

Country of OriginJapan
Founded byKikutani Music
Popular modelMahalo Ukuleles Rainbow Series Soprano Black

4. Vault Ukulele

Vault ukulele brand image

Bajaao is the company that launched Vault to provide ukuleles in the Indian market. But Vault ukuleles are manufactured in China. They are known for their low-price ukuleles which are known for their durability. The sound quality and wood quality of these ukuleles are also praiseworthy at a competitive price. Materials like mahogany and Rosewood are used in their ukuleles.

Country of OriginIndia
Founder NameAshutosh Pande
Popular modelVault UK 100C 24 inch

5. Fender Ukulele

Fender Ukulele brand image
Fender – number 5 among Top 15 Best Ukulele Brands in India & World

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation is a big company that has a footprint all around the world. The list of the best ukulele brands in the world will stay incomplete without mentioning Fender and its contribution to the ukulele market. FMIC is mainly known for their guitar manufacturing and market domination skills.

Today FMIC not only owns brands like Fender, but they also own Squier, Gretsch, Charvel, Jackson and EVH. Their history goes back to 1946 when they started working in the music industry. Fender Music was one of the foremost companies to manufacture guitars, bass, and amplifiers. Now I hope you understand the reason why Fender made it into the top 5 ukulele brands in the world.

Country of OriginUnited States
Founder NameLeo Fender
Popular modelFender 0971610504 (Venice Soprano Uke)

6. Flight Ukulele

Flight Ukulele brand image

A company founded in 2010 in Slovenia, Flight has now become a popular ukulele brand. They expanded their presence constantly throughout these years. Singapore’s Yamaha stores carried their products in their early growth. Then they started distributing in countries like Mexico and Australia. Now they are even collaborating with the world’s largest music distributors like Hal Leonard.

Country of OriginSlovenia
Founder Nameunknown
Popular modelFlight, 4-String Travel Series Soprano Ukulele

7. JUAREZ Ukulele

JUAREZ Ukulele brand image
Juarez – among the most popular ukulele brands

Started with a hopeful idea that music can connect the world, today Jaurez has become a well-known brand in the ukulele market. Juarez sells all kinds of ukuleles like Soprano, Concert, and Tenor. They not only offer well-priced ukulele but they also sell other accessories like tuners, strings and capos.

Popular modelJuarez 53.34 cm (21) Soprano Ukulele Kit

8. Aklot Ukulele

AKLOT Ukulele brand image
Aklot – among the best cheap ukulele brands

Aklot is a popular brand in the field of ukulele market. Their products are well made and are widely purchased by satisfied customers. Value for money, quality and affordability are the things you will get if you go for a ukulele made by Akolt Company. Aklot has earned this trust and name only by proving itself to be among the best quality ukulele brands.

Popular modelUkulele Solid Mahogany 23 Inch Concert Uke

9. Tanglewood Ukulele

Tanglewood Ukulele brand image
Tanglewood Ukulele – among the best ukulele brands UK (United Kingdom)

Tanglewood Guitars is an old UK company that was started in the later years of the 20th century. They wanted to master the manufacturing of instruments like Guitar and Ukuleles to capture this market. Tanglewood kept innovating and expanding its reach around the world. Right now, they distribute their product in more than 60 countries. When you see their accomplishments then you will understand our reasoning for putting them among the Best Ukulele Brands in India & World. The Tanglewood company has also won the “Music Industry UK’s All-Time Best Selling Acoustic Guitars” Award

Country of OriginUK (United Kingdom)
Founder Nameunknown
Popular modelTanglewood TWT 3 – TIARE Series

10. Donner Ukulele

Donner Ukulele brand image
Donner – among the best ukulele brands for intermediate players

Founded in 2012, Donner has become a big name for people working in the music industry. They started innovating right away in their initial years. Guitar pedals were introduced by only a few brands in the initial years, Donner was one of the brands that took this initiative. This shows their dedication to advancing the musical instrument industry. It rightly puts Donner among the top 10 ukulele brands worldwide.

Donner not only manufactures ukuleles and other musical instruments but also focuses heavily on research. This research helps them in advancing the quality of their products which as a result benefits their customers.

Founder NameHevin He
Popular modelDonner Concert Ukulele Mahogany DUC-1 23

11. Musoo Ukulele

Musoo is relatively a new brand in the ukulele market. But they have already earned a reputation for providing good quality ukuleles at competitive prices. Their ukuleles and guitars also come with other accessories like gig bags, Nylon strings, Straps, Guitar trigger capo and Picks.

Popular modelmusoo Solid Top Mahogany 26 Inch Tenor

12. Generic Ukulele

Generic is one of those brands that is not known for the ukuleles they made, but for the ukulele-related accessories they sell. There are not many such brands in the market which will provide you with spare parts and other accessories like ukulele stands. They are worth checking out.

Popular modelGeneric Wooden Ukulele Stand Portable Detachable

13. INTERN Ukulele

INTERN ukulele brand image
Intern – among the expensive ukulele brands with decent reputation

The intern brand offers a wide range of ukuleles for beginners as well as expert ukulele players. They do come with innovative designs and good sound quality on their ukulele products. Customers who have bought from them are mostly satisfied, which is why we are also including this brand in our Top 15 Best Ukulele Brands in India List.


14. Cordoba Ukulele

Cordoba Ukulele brand image

Cordoba takes deep pride in the fact that they value music and its originality more than anything. So they keep innovating their products that matter to their customers. Nylon String Guitar is one such example. Their ukuleles are also widely sold to satisfied customers. This is a company that cares about your needs so it’s worth our time and consideration.

Founder NameTim Miklaucic
Popular modelCordoba Guitars Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele

15. Hricane Ukulele

Hricane Ukulele brand image
Hricane – number 15 among Top 15 Best Ukulele Brands in India & World

Hricane Ukuleles are known for their variety of products. From ukuleles and guitars to their accessories, they have it all at a very affordable price. Hricane ukulele also has a visual appeal to them. They are all carefully designed for user likeness and requirements. They are one of the unique ukulele brands just because of their flashy designs and colour options.

Popular modelHricane Ukulele Soprano 21inch Professional Ukelele

More brands to consider

  • Founded by Samuel Kamaka in 1916, Kamaka is on top among the best Hawaii ukulele brands. Other good Hawaiian ukulele brands are KoAloha, Kanile’a, Ko’olau and aNueNue.
  • When it comes to the best electric ukulele brands, then you should consider Risa, Fanner and Flight as your good options. You will get both quality as well as a good price range of electric ukuleles with these brands.
  • Akai, Lyon & Healy, Camp Uke, Harmony are Gretsch are some of the best vintage ukulele brands.
  • Kala, Cordoba, Donner, Flight and Fender are the top brands to consider when looking for the best soprano ukulele brands.
  • Some of the Best baritone ukulele brands are Cordoba, Kala and Ko’olau. When it comes to the best tenor ukulele brands, then you should go for companies like Kala and Cordoba.

FAQs about the Top 15 Best Ukulele Brands in India & World

What are the best ukulele brands?

Kadence, Kala, Mahalo and Vault are some of the best Ukulele brands.

Which brand is best for ukulele?

Kadence, Kala and Mahalo are some of the top brands for ukulele. If you have to choose one then you can easily choose from one of these based on the availability and your design requirement.

Which ukulele brand is best for beginners

Beginner ukulele players usually go towards Kadence and Kala brand ukulele. That’s because these brands have highly competitive products in a good price range for beginner players.

Which ukulele brand is the best in India?

Kadence brand ukuleles are best for Indians. They are designed specifically with Indian customers in mind. That is the reason why you will find many Kedence ukuleles in bestseller lists. They are probably the most popular ukulele in India.

What is the price of ukulele in India?

Beginners-level ukulele players can get a ukulele in a price range of ₹1500 to ₹7000. Intermediate-level ukulele players can get a ukulele in a price range of ₹7000 to ₹25000. Expert ukulele players can go as high as ₹50000 and even above.

Is Vault a good ukulele brand?

Yes, Vault is a very good ukulele brand with a high reputation in the ukulele market.

Ukulele brands to avoid

Vangoa and Huawind are 2 ukulele brands that you should avoid because they are known for their low sound quality and built structure.

That’s all we have on the List of Top 15 Best Ukulele Brands in India & World. If this article helped you then please bookmark our website and Turn ON its notification.

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