Griselda Blanco Netflix Series Cast, Watch Online, Release Date, Episodes, Review, Trailer

This miniseries is the story of a woman who wanted to make her children happy and prosperous but ended up trapped in an illegal drug empire with no way out. Griselda Blanco’s Netflix series is titled as just “Griselda”. The story of this series is inspired by the real-life Griselda Blanco herself. It’s a captivating drama show that will surprise you at every turn. So let’s see all the important information about this show including information like Griselda Blanco Netflix Series Cast, Watch Online, Release Date, Episodes, Review, Trailer and much more. Let’s start with the basics.

Basics about Griselda Series: Release Date, Budget & basic info

The filming of the Griselda series was started on January 17, 2022, in Los Angeles. After some months, the series was completely filmed and released on January 25, 2024.

Release DateJanuary 25, 2024
GenreBiography, Crime, Drama
Original languageEnglish, Spanish
Country of OriginUnited States
Filming LocationsLos Angeles, California (USA)
Running time6 hours approx (6 episodes)
Number of seasons1
Number of episodes6
TV channel or Platform where it releasedNetflix
Griselda Blanco Netflix Series basic information

Plot & Story of Griselda Series Season 1

Plot & Story of Griselda Series Season 1
Plot & Story of Griselda Series Season 1

This story is about a real-life character, Griselda Blanco. However, not everyone agrees that it is factually 100% accurate when it comes to facts and details. As far as the story of this series goes, it starts with Griselda Blanco getting injured and needing help. To get help, she calls her old friend in Miami, Florida. This friend comes to her aid and she took this opportunity to start a new life for herself.

Griselda has 3 sons, Dixon, Ozzy, and Uber. They all live together in Medellín, Colombia. Griselda decides to take her children to Miami with her to start her new life. She also decides to get a divorce from her husband. After reaching Miami, she further decides to get involved in the drug business. She has a goal in mind, and that is to create her drug empire. The story of Griselda’s Netflix series follows the struggles and hardships she has to face in this journey.

Unfortunately, this series does not have a happy ending, She ends up losing everything she holds dear to her heart. Griselda was arrested in the end. Her bodyguard Dario, who was also the father of her child, also ended up getting shot and killed as a result of Griselda’s actions.

Griselda Blanco Netflix Series Trailer

The trailer of Griselda will give you a good idea about the dramatic turns which will take place in this series.

Griselda netflix trailer ft. sofia vergara

Griselda Blanco Netflix Series Episode Guide List, Run Time & Length

1. Lady Comes to Town

Length: 52 min

Description: Sofia Vergara’s character Griselda Blanco is going through a failed marriage. She decides to get a divorce from her husband, Alberto. She also wants to start a new life for herself and her three children. In hopes of that, she reaches Miami, where she meets one of her old friends by the name of Carmen. Her plans lie on the wrong side of the law as she decides to get involved in the drug business to start her illegal drug empire.

2. Rich White People

Length: 56 min

Description: Griselda decides to expand her business and goes into a new market. One of her men by the name of Danny is attacked by another rival gang. After this point, she started to make a name for herself in the city of Miami.

3. Mutiny

Length: 59 min

Description: Griselda’s business is about to get expanded as she is too close to impressing an important supplier. She is also trying to win her competitors as well as the local dealers of Miami. Griselda is also sleeping with her bodyguard Dario, who has made her aware of the inter-gang violence in Miami.

4. Middle Management

Length: 59 min

Description: Griselda is not happy with the turn of events and is furious with her rivals German and Papo. She wants to regain everything she has lost. Griselda also wants to get revenge on German and Papo so she decides to order their killings. It results in Papo getting killed at the airport. Rafa’s cocaine is also burned in the process.

A new war is brewing between Griselda and the Ochoa family, as she has made new enemies in the process of taking over drug operations. This episode also reveals that Griselda is about to be a mother of a new child as she is pregnant. The father of this new child will be none other than her bodyguard, Dario.

5. Paradise Lost

Length: 57 min

Description: In this episode, Griselda has reached a point of paranoia. She is completely confused and paranoid about the thought that someone close to her is betraying her. She doubts her friend’s intentions too. Furthermore, she assumes that the person who is betraying her could be her friend Isabel or even her own bodyguard Dario.

Further into the story, Griselda has ordered the killings of Chucho. Carmen has become a witness for CENTAC. Rivi was assigned to eliminate Chucho, and he tries to do so when Chucho is in the car with his son. This results in Chucho’s son’s death. Chucho goes into hiding after this incident. As for Griselda, she gets worse as her paranoia is about to get the better of her.

6. Adios, Miami

Length: 49 min

Description: This is the final episode of Griselda Season 1. In this episode, Griselda has realised that she is either about to get executed by one of her enemies or she is about to get arrested by the authorities. Either way, this was about to be her complete downfall. This is also the episode which reveals the death of Dario, which marks the end of Griselda’s relationship with Dario.

In the end, the “Godmother” Griselda is arrested because of her own selfish goals of pursuing power and money. As she is sitting in the prison Jumpsuit, she lights up a cigarette and imagines that her children are happily playing at a beach.

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Griselda Netflix Series Reviews

The reviews of the Griselda series are as such.

IMDb – 7.6/10 stars

Rotten Tomatoes – 88% Average Tomatometer, 78% Average Audience Score

Griselda Blanco Netflix Series: Where to watch Online

Griselda’s Netflix series was released directly on Netflix. You can watch Griselda series season 1 directly on Netflix.

Griselda Netflix Series Watch OnlineWatch Griselda | Netflix Official

Crew and Production

CreatorsDoug Miro, Eric Newman, Carlo Bernard, Ingrid Escajeda
DirectorAndrés Baiz
WriterCarlo Bernard, Ingrid Escajeda, Doug Miro
ProducerEric Newman, Sofía Vergara, Andrés Baiz, Luis Balaguer, Carlo Bernard, Ingrid Escajeda, Doug Miro
Production CompanyNetflix, Latin World Entertainment, Willfully Obtuse, Grand Electric
CinematographyArmando Salas
Music directorCarlos Rafael Rivera
EditorJoaquin Elizondo, Kelly Stuyvesant, Christopher Cavanagh
Art directorBruce Buehner, Jakub Durkoth, Gary McMonnies
Production designerKnut Loewe
Costume designerSafowa Bright-Asare, Sarah Evelyn
Casting directorRachel Tenner
Griselda Blanco Netflix Series Crew and Production members

Griselda Series Cast, Roles & Behind the Scenes

Griselda Blanco Netflix Series Cast, Watch Online, Release Date, Episodes, Review, Trailer
Griselda Blanco Netflix Series Cast, Watch Online, Release Date, Episodes, Review, Trailer

The lead role of Colombian drug lord Griselda Blanco is played by the actress Sofía Vergara. This drug lord was also known by another name, “Godmother of Cocaine”. Other actors and their roles are given in the table below.

Actor/actressPlaying as
Sofía VergaraGriselda Blanco
Alberto GuerraDario
Juliana Aidén MartinezJune
Jose VelazquezUber
Martín RodríguezRivi
Orlando PinedaDixon
Fredy YateChucho Castro
Vanessa FerlitoIsabel
Martín FajardoOzzy
Camilo Jimenez VaronRafa Salazar
Christian TappanArturo
Griselda Blanco Netflix Series cast

Controversies & Less Known Facts About Griselda Series

  • Members of Griselda’s family were not at all happy with the release of this show. It is Michael Corleone Blanco and his wife Marie who have filed a lawsuit against this show. On January 17 in Miami-Dade County, they filed a court case stating the unauthorized use of his “artistic literary work” and his family’s “image, likeness and/or identity.” Michael Corleone Blanco claimed that the information from a private interview was used in this Griselda Blanco series without proper authorization or compensation.
  • For the role of Griselda, Sofía Vergara had to go through a big transformation. She wore prosthetics on her face parts like eyes, nose, and chin. Sofia also wore fake teeth to look like the real Griselda.
  • Sofia Vergara is the same actress who worked in another popular show “Modern Family”.
  • The Colombian singer Karol G is also making her debut in this series. She is playing the character of Carla is Griselda.
Karol G as Carla in Griselda Netflix series
Karol G as Carla in Griselda Netflix series – Griselda Netflix Karol G

FAQs about Griselda Blanco Netflix Series Cast, Watch Online, Release Date, Episodes and more

How many episodes of Griselda are on Netflix?

There are a total of 6 episodes of Griselda series on Netflix. These episodes are named Lady Comes to Town, Rich White People, Mutiny, Middle Management, Paradise Lost and Adios Miami.

Who plays Griselda Blanco in Netflix?

Sofia Vergara is the actress who has played the role of Griselda Blanco in the Griselda Netflix series.

Is Griselda Blanco in Narcos?

No, Griselda Blanco did not make an appearance on Narcos TV Show. Narcos show’s showrunner Eric Newman explained that they wouldn’t have been able to do justice to her character in Narcos. They thought that Griselda deserved her separate show if they wanted to portray her right.

Is Griselda on Netflix accurate?

The Griselda Blanco series series is inspired by true events that happened in the life of Griselda Blanco. But we can’t confirm if the events in this show are factually accurate or not.

Who is suing Netflix for Griselda?

Michael Corleone Blanco, who is a son of Griselda Blanco is currently suing this show.

Why is Griselda’s son suing Netflix?

Michael Corleone Blanco is suing Netiflix’s show Griselda by stating the unauthorized use of his “artistic literary work” and his family’s “image, likeness and/or identity.” He that the information from a private interview was used in this series without authorization or compensation.

Is Griselda on Netflix a true story?

Yes, Griselda on Netflix is a true story since it is based on the life of a popular drug lord Griselda Blanco.

Who was Carla in Griselda?

Carla character in the Griselda series is played by Karol G. Carla was a close friend of Griselda from Medellin. She came to Miami with her other friends for the sole purpose of smuggling drugs into the USA. As the story progresses, Carla becomes one of the most trustable friends of Griselda Blanco.

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