Hotstar Sadda Haq serial Online Watch, Cast, Plot, Review

Hotstar Sadda Haq serial aired on television in 2013 with the name Sadda Haq – My Life, My Choice on Channel V India. It instantly became a hit show among the youth and was well-appreciated by the masses. It is due to the fact that it deals with the independent life choices of the lead female character Sanyukta who wants to pursue her life and education in the field of mechanical engineering.

Her father is not very supportive of her when it comes to her future education. So this TV show also deals with a lot of family drama. Along with that, there is also a love angle, just like almost all other Indian TV serials. This TV serial shows the love life of Sanyukta and Randhir who are both students in the same college.

In this article, we will cover all the information about that TV show in great detail, starting with the basics.

Basics about Sadda Haq – My Life, My Choice

Sadda Haq translates to Our rights in English. This show was applauded for its cast choices, as all the star cast came from very diverse backgrounds and areas of India.

Release Date25 November 2013 to 30 June 2016
GenreDrama, Youth
Original languageHindi
Country of OriginIndia
Running time22 minutes episodes
Number of seasons2
Number of episodes676
TV channel or Platform where it releasedChannel V India
Where to watch itDisney Plus Hotstar and Channel V India
Hotstar Sadda Haq serial Online Watch, Cast, Plot, Review
sadda haq serial images

Crew and Production

The chief director of Beyond Dreams Production said that they wanted to create some new content that can relate to the new generation. They wanted to fill the audience with the same emotion that they like to see in long-running TV shows.

So to complete all their hopes they started working on this TV serial along with Director Prateek Shah and Creator Anand Sivakumaran. All the other leading production crew team members are mentioned below.

CreatorAnand Sivakumaran
DirectorPrateek Shah
WriterDuarjoy Datta, Sumrit Shahi, Vikrant, Ranjib, Vishwas
ScreenplayAlka Shukla
DialoguesSumit Arora
ProducerNisheeth Neerav Neelkanth, Manta Yash Patnaik, Yash A Patnaik
Production houses and companiesBeyond Dreams Entertainment Pvt Ltd, Inspire Films Pvt Ltd
Creative directorKarishmaa Oluchi, Ameya Kulkarni, Mishrkeshii, Dev, Anil
CinematographyHanoz VK or Kanoz Kerawala
Music directorAbhijit Das
EditorPankaj Katpal
Picture format480i

Sadda Haq Cast and their Roles

Starring Actor/actressThe character they played as
Harshita GaurSanyukta Aggarwal
Param SinghRandhir Singh Shekhawat
Gachui HomringKaustuki Sherpa
Chirag DesaiJignesh Patel
Nisha Neha NayakVidushi Kumar
Manik TalwarSahil Kataria
Ankit GuptaParth Kashyap
Prince DuaKhuswant Singh Kohli
Krip SuriProf. Vardhan Suryavanshi
Harsh VashishtMr Harshvardhan Shekhawat
Mohit ChauhanMr Kishore Aggarwal
Ashwini KoulAryan
Shabnam PandeySanaya Jha
Mohak KhuranaJoy Dasgupta
Sneha ShahKritika Narayan Swamy
Sadda Haq serial video Trailer and promo on YouTube

Plot and story

The story starts with the life of Sanyukta Agarwal, who wants to do mechanical engineering. Her father is not very supportive of her, so he opposes her college education further. He wants his daughter to get married and settled.

But sanyukta’s mother is very supportive of her, she wants her to pursue all her dreams including her college education. Sanyukta participates in the entrance test and passes it easily. She also gets her mother’s signature on all college-related papers and finally joins the FITE college.

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On the other side, Randhir and Karan are two best friends who are also giving the same entrance exam. Out of the two, only Randhir is able to clear the entrance exam as he is very good at studying. He also thinks of himself as the best in many fields. Randhir also does not have any high regard for women, as he thinks that men are better than women.

His friend Karan does not get admission to the college as he is not able to clear the entrance exam, so Karan starts finding ways to still get admitted into the college. He figured out that if one of the other students backs out of the college admission or changes their education stream, then he can easily get admission.

So, after seeing some females in the same class admission list, he decides to start threatening them in order to scare them to give up their seats in the college. And this is how the story proceeds and takes twists and turns for a full drama TV show experience.

Hotstar Sadda Haq serial Online Watch, Cast, Plot, Review
Pic from Sadda Haq serial images

Sadda Haq season 1 cast, Plot, Episodes

Total number of sadda haq serial episodes in season 1537
Sadda Haq season 1, episode 1 premiere date25 November 2013
Sadda Haq season 1 Last episode/Season finale30 June 2016

Sadda Haq season 1 Plot and Story

Sanyukta and Karan get into verbal fighting as Karan wants her to give up her admission seat in the college so that he can get admission easily. She does not agree and fights for her college seat. Sanyukta’s father and brother also find out about her college admission. They try to stop her from going to college, as they are not supportive of her education in mechanical engineering.

Further, in the story, Vardhan wants sanyukta to make Randhir Singh a friend of hers so that she can set Randhir on the right path in life. Soon their friendship only becomes deeper, and they don’t realize that they are already falling in love with each other. But their friendship and love are filled with lies and betrayal. These betrayals become obvious at the end of this story, leaving them both in a complicated situation. You will see this story proceed further with a lot more emotions and suspense in Sadda Haq season 1 all episodes.

Sadda Haq season 2 cast, Plot, Episodes

Total number of Sadda Haq serial episodes in season 2116
Sadda Haq season 2, episode 1 premiere date19 January 2016
Season finale/Last episode30 June 2016

Sadda Haq season 2 plot and story

In the story of Sadda Haq’s serial season 2, Sanyukta is now working in an IT company. She has already given up on her mechanical engineering dream. She also visits Parth in the hospital for 2 continuous years. Furthermore, she is working along with another colleague by the name of Aryan. Aryan falls in love with Sanyukta and wants to pursue his love.

Sanyukta’s father by this time is also regretting his harsh decision of not supporting his daughter to pursue her education and life goals. Randhir also meets Sanyukta here, as he is the mechanical designer. With all these events happening all together, their story proceeds further. You can watch Sadda Haq season 2 on Hotstar.

Sadda Haq season 3

There is no Sadda Haq serial latest news as of now that talks about the production or release of season 3. So it would be right to assume that this TV show has ended for good with its season 2 and will not be coming back.

Awards, Nominations, Honours, and Recognition

  • During the year 2014, Sadda Haq won the Indian Telly awards in the Youth Show fiction category.
  • Krip Suri was also nominated in the drama category of Actor in a Supporting Role during the same Indian Telly awards function.
  • The show again won an award in India telly awards in the Youth show category.
Hotstar Sadda Haq serial Online Watch, Cast, Plot, Review
Cover photo from Sadda Haq serial images – sadda haq watch online hotstar

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Where to watch Sadda Haq online

Sadda Haq – My Life, My Choice is available to watch on Disney plus Hotstar. You will find both seasons with all their episode on Disney plus Hotstar with their highest quality available. You will also need a subscription to watch any content on Hotstar. So make sure that you are subscribed in order to watch this TV show on Hotstar.

Unfortunately, if you were thinking about watching Sadda Haq serial online for free, then there are no free options available on the internet right now. There are some websites and sources which claim to provide free episodes on their Facebook, Twitter, website and Google Drive. But you should not trust these sources as they are all providing you with pirated content.

You should directly go to the Hotstar website in order to support the content creators and experience this show in its best quality without any issues.

sadda haq serial song – sadda haq watch online full episodes on Hotstar

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

These are some of the most common search terms and queries regarding Sadda Haq – My Life, My choice TV show. We have answered all of them here.

Where can I watch Sadda Haq full episodes

You can watch Sadda Haq’s full episodes on the Disney plus Hotstar website. You will need to buy a paid subscription for Disney plus Hotstar before you can watch this TV show.

What is the story of Sadda Haq?

Sadda Haq’s story revolves around the life of Sanyukta who wants to go to a college in order to pursue her dream of mechanical engineering. She is not supported by her father when it comes to her college admission.
She somehow gets into her desired college, but started facing problems instantly. Furthermore, she also meets a boy, Randhir and falls in love with him. Their love story proceeds further and becomes more complicated as their life is full of lies and betrayals.

Who is Ada in Sadda Haq?

Ada Sharma is a college professor who started teaching in the FITE college where Sanyukta and Randhir go to study mechanical engineering. According to the Sadda Haq TV serial story, Ada Sharma has some secret intentions and agendas that people around her are unaware of.

What will happen next in Sadda Haq channel v

Unfortunately, the Sadda Haq TV show has come to an end with the end of Season 2. So we won’t be seeing anything next in the Sadda Haq TV series.

How did sadda haq end

Sadda Haq serial ending episode showed Randhir and sanyukta waking up in the same bed where they flirt and tease each other. Randhir kisses her and expresses her happiness that she is her wife. Then they started fighting over small things like broken handles, coffee, and breakfast. Sanyukta realizes they can never stop fighting, to which Randhir said, What is love without fighting?

How many episodes of Sadda Haq are there?

There are 676 episodes in the Sadda Haq serial. Among these, you will find 537 episodes in season 1 and 116 episodes in season 2.

Where can I watch Sadda Haq for free?

There is no place to watch Sadda Haq for free. This show is available on Disney plus Hotstar. So you will need a paid subscription to Disney plus Hotstar in order to watch this show online.

Sadda Haq episode in which sanyukta faints

It is episode 10 of Sadda Haq – My life My choice where Sanyukta falls unconscious.

How can I watch Sadda Haq online?

You can watch Sadda Haq online on Disney plus Hotstar. You will need a paid subscription to this platform if you don’t already have it.

When did sadda haq end?

The Sadda Haq serial ended with its last episode of season 2 on 30 June 2016. There are no more upcoming seasons of Sadda Haq, so this is the end of this TV show.

So this is the end of our article on the Sadda Haq serial. If you are satisfied with the content and information, then don’t forget to turn ON the notifications on our website. You can also share this article if you want. If you have something to add or if you think that we have missed something, then don’t forget to tell us in the comment section down below.

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