Why Does My Dog Lay On Top Of Me? Answered

If you are on this page as a pet owner, you probably want to know the answer to a simple question: Why Does My Dog Lay On Top Of Me? Moreover, you are probably wondering how to move them off gently. This article will answer those questions for you. Let us start with the most important question first.

Top Reasons: Why Does My Dog Lay On Top Of Me?

These are the most common reasons that will answer why your dog sleeps or lies on top of you.

  1. This is their way of showing their affection to you
  2. They feel protected close to you
  3. Your dog might want to protect you
  4. They feel comfort and warmth closer to you
  5. Separation Anxiety could be the reason your dog is overly attached to you and wants to lay on top of you.
  6. It could also be the case that your dog is seeking your attention.
  7. You might have allowed it to happen several times, and now they are used to it.
  8. There could also be another reason. Maybe this is the dog’s way of telling you something.
Why Does My Dog Lay On Top Of Me? Answered
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The above list consists of all the common reasons your dog is lying on top of you. Now let’s look at the solutions and further advice for common issues and reasons shown above.

How to stop your dog from laying on top of you

  1. You can move the dog away from you slowly and gently
  2. You can crate-train your puppy. It’s training your puppy to tolerate their surroundings when held in a cage or dog crate.
  3. You can also attempt to stop encouraging this behaviour.
Why Does My Dog Lay On Top Of Me? Answered
Why Does My Dog Lay On Top Of Me, why does my dog sleep on top of me

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