British MP Calls Out BBC for Biased Ram Mandir Coverage

British MP Bob Blackman is known for speaking against any hate which is directed towards Hindus. Even in the past, he has openly spoken for Hindu’s rights to practice their religion freely. He has also spoken against all kinds anti anti-Hindu aggressions and propaganda pieces of media. This time, British MP Bob Blackman is in the news for slamming the BBC for its biased reporting on the Ram Mandir consecration issue.

British MP Bob Blackman’s Statement on BBC’s Biased Reporting

The consecration ceremony of Ram Mandir took place on 22 January 2024. Indian Prime minister performed the sacred Hindu rituals. When Hindus and Indians were celebrating this historical moment, some international news outlets like BBC were not happy with this event. These BBC and CNN-type headlines sparked anger among Hindus, who were not expecting this negativity and hate towards them on this celebration day of theirs.

On February 2, 2024, a British MP Bob Blackman (CBE MP, Harrow East), stood up in the British parliament and directed his comments at Penny Mordaunt. In his statement, he focused mainly on debating the nature of BBC’s biased reporting and its fake news implications for Hindus all around the world. Bob Blackman said the following:

Last week in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, Ram Mandir was consecrated. This was an event of great joy to all Hindus around the world, as it is the birthplace of lord ram. But BBC in its reporting of course reported that it is a site of the destruction of a mosque. BBC forgot the fact that it was a temple for more than 2000 years before that happened. The Muslims have also been allocated a 5-acre land on which they can build a mosque. So will my friend (Penny Mordaunt) allow time to debate in government time on the impartiality of BBC and its failure to provide the right information about what is going on all over the world.

British MP Bob Blackman (Source – Bob Blackman’s YouTube channel)

BBC’s Response to the criticism on its Coverage

BBC of course defended its news coverage. According to them, their article was fair and just. But this is not the first time the BBC has been accused of having anti-Hindu bias. They have been accused of the same many times before by Hindu organisations within the UK, India and the USA.

Insight UK and other Hindu organisations Allegations

Insight UK issued an open letter where they pointed out the bias writing BBC’s reporting of the events. They mentioned the known facts of archaeological reports proving the existence of Hindu mandir remains under the Babri mosque. This organisation also highlighted that this case went to court and there was even a Muslim judge involved and then the court’s decision was passed unanimously in favour of Hindus. Insight UK then stated that BBC never reported these facts and was just biased to tilt the reader’s mind to their biased beliefs.

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