Lok Sabha Election 2024 Date, State Wise Schedule & Result Date

India’s voters and political parties are ready to do their part as the Indian election is already upon us. India’s 2024 general election is the biggest election ever held worldwide. As a voter, you must choose the right leaders for your country and steer the direction of this great nation we call Bharat. This article will cover the 18th Lok Sabha Election 2024 Date, State Wise Schedule & Result Date.

Lok Sabha Election 2024 Dates

General elections in India are being conducted in 7 phases. These 7 phases of Lok Sabha election dates started on 19 April 2024 and will end on 1 June 2024. The full state-wise schedule is shown below.

Date & PhaseNumber of States & Constituencies
19 April (Phase 1)21 States and 102 Constituencies
26 April (Phase 2)13 States and 89 Constituencies
7 May (Phase 3)12 States and 94 Constituencies
13 May (Phase 4)10 States and 96 Constituencies
20 May (Phase 5)8 States and 49 Constituencies
25 May (Phase 6)7 States and 57 Constituencies
1 June (Phase 7)8 States and 57 Constituencies

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Lok Sabha Election 2024 State-Wise Schedule

In the table below, you will find information about the phase-wise polling constituencies and their exact State/Union territory name for each phase.

State/Union Territory19 April (Phase 1)26 April (Phase 2)7 May (Phase 3)13 May (Phase 4)20 May (Phase 5)25 May (Phase 6)1 June (Phase 7)Total Constituencies
Andaman and Nicobar Islands11 (1 phase)
Andhra Pradesh2525 (1 phase)
Arunachal Pradesh22 (1 phase)
Assam55414 (3 phases)
Bihar455558840 (7 phases)
Chandigarh11 (1 phase)
Chhattisgarh13711 (3 phases)
Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu22 (1 phase)
Delhi77 (1 phase)
Goa22 (1 phase)
Gujarat2626 (1 phase)
Haryana1010 (1 phase)
Himachal Pradesh44 (1 phase)
Jammu and Kashmir111115 (5 phases)
Jharkhand434314 (4 phases)
Karnataka141428 (2 phases)
Kerala2020 (1 phase)
Ladakh11 (1 phase)
Lakshadweep11 (1 phase)
Madhya Pradesh669829 (4 phases)
Maharashtra5811111348 (5 phases)
Manipur1 1/21/22 (2 phases)
Meghalaya22 (1 phase)
Mizoram11 (1 phase)
Nagaland11 (1 phase)
Odisha456621 (4 phases)
Puducherry11 (1 phase)
Punjab1313 (1 phase)
Rajasthan121325 (2 phases)
Sikkim11 (1 phase)
Tamil Nadu3939 (1 phase)
Telangana1717 (1 phase)
Tripura112 (2 phases)
Uttar Pradesh88101314141380 (7 phases)
Uttarakhand55 (1 phase)
West Bengal334878942 (7 phases)
Total constituencies101+1⁄287+1⁄29596495757543

Lok Sabha Election 2024 Result Date

The date of counting votes is 4 June 2024. The results of the elections are expected to be announced on the same date.

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