Bikini in place of School Uniform? Priyanka Gandhi defends women’s right to wear Bikini in School if they wish to in a weird statement during Press Conference

Does Priyanka Gandhi seem to think that women should be allowed to wear anything including bikini in school if they want to? No one has any right to tell them otherwise.

Amid the burqa row in Karnataka, a bunch of women, in consultation with students wings of Islamist groups have been protesting for his or her ‘right to wear a hijab (headscarf)’ to school. They’re protesting by carrying a full coated burqa (complete physique protecting veil).

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra took to Twitter to increase her assistance to girls to exercise their right to decide on to put on whatever they wish to – from ghoonghat to jeans to burqa to bikini.

She tweeted that whether or not it’s a bikini, a ghoonghat, a pair of jeans, or hijab, a girl decides what to put on. She added that this power is GUARANTEED by the Indian constitution and added that one ought to stop harassing women. She ended her tweet along with her ‘Ladki Hoon Lad Sakti Hoon’ UP election slogan.

Later, in a press conference, a journalist said to her that on one hand, she is saying that all politics should be based around progress and development, whereas on another hand she is talking about hijab in school and religious issues in order to polarise the voter.

To which she replied that “it’s a women’s right if she wants to wear a bikini, or a ghooghat, a saree or jeans, there is no politics in it”

To which reporter replied ” how can bikini come into school (school me bikini kaise aa gai, Priyanka Ji), this is an issue of school, an educational institution”

Priyanka Gandhi frustratedly replied – “you can say anything, no one has right to tell women what to wear, I am telling you to remove your scarf..will you remove your scarf (scarf utaaro)”

Journalist- “I am not in school, I am in your press conference”

Priyanka Vadra – ” wherever you are, do I have a right to tell you what to wear..simple as that”

Priyanka Gandhi missed the whole point of School uniform in this. You can’t wear a bikini in school as school follows a uniform code and a bikini is not part of that code. Although you have every right to wear a bikini outside where you are not bound by school rules..this applies to everyone regardless of their religion.

All those saree, bikini, ghunghat, jeans-wearing women understand that which is why they wear only the school uniform while they are in school. Why should this rule be any different for hijab or burkha-wearing Muslim women? Are we going to discriminate against every non-muslim just for following the dress codes properly? Are we going to give special rights to Muslim women because they want to force their way onto others?

These are some of the questions that I leave you with. Please share this article.

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Vikas Duhan
Vikas Duhan
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