BJP is a party of Hindus against Hinduism – Savarkar did warn Hindus about it

“I am not afraid of Muslims, I am not afraid of Britishers. I am afraid of Hindus against Hinduism”. These are the famous words said by Veer Savarkar.

BJP is a party of Hindus against Hinduism - Savarkar did warn Hindus about it
Veer Savarkar quote

In today’s time if you think that Savarkar’s quote which we mentioned should be used on the more well-known left party like Congress, SP, BSP, Trinamul Congress, or Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) then you can’t be more wrong.

The real culprit here is BJP. It is the party that has established itself as the party of Hindus. It is the party that came into power with the promise that it will revive the Hindu civilization within India. It is the party that promised equal rights to Hindus, the same equal rights which other religions already enjoy. In some cases, other religions even enjoy special laws and provisions that further help these religions propagate their own religion’s agendas and end goals.

But Hindus on the other hand have only been asking for equality. They are not asking for any special treatment. It was the year 2014 when the Modi government came into power in India. So it has been more than 8 years that we have had a so-called pro-Hindu government in power within India. But even with this government, those equal rights for Hindus are nowhere to be seen. Hindus would have taken forward their Hindu civilization if they had the economic & financial power behind them to achieve those goals. But how can a Hindu achieve anything if all his resources and his finances are still governed and controlled by the government? Here, we are talking about the Hindu temples which collects thousands of crores of donation which is given to these temples by Hindus for Hindu purposes only. But most Hindus don’t know that a lot of this money goes to the government. The government uses this temple money for other non-hindu purposes. In some cases, this money is even used to promote other religions like Islam and Christianity. Many Major Hindu temples are still controlled by the government in different parts of India. BJP makes a lot of promises but freeing temples from government control is certainly not a priority for them when they became the government itself.

Since Hindus are not allowed to use their own finances and use their own donation money in order to make their own economically weak society strong. They are not allowed to further promote their own religion which is Sanatan Dharma. The Hindu numbers are decreasing in different parts of India and Hindus can not do anything much about it. It is because they do not have the required finances to fight the other forces at play. These other forces have a lot more money than Hindus can only imagine that they had in order to keep their economically weaker sections within the fold of Sanatan dharma.

Other religious groups still have a lot of money and finance to convert Hindus and give them financial benefits like food and jobs which Hindu organizations cannot provide. One such Buddhist organization is converting Hindus on a mass scale in Chhattisgarh. And once again BJP has proved that it is not a friend of Hindus. According to some reports, BJP leader Raman Singh who was also the former Chhattisgarh chief minister recently attended a mass conversion event which was organized by Buddhist organizations. Another notable person who attended this event was Hema Deshmukh of the Congress party who is the mayor of Rajnandgaon in Chhattisgarh. A video on the internet has also gone viral in which it seems that in this event they are taking pledges which were given by Bhimrao Ambedkar. These are the pledges which are designed in order to hate Hindus and everything Sanatan Dharma stands for. The video part that was recorded in this event is showing that the people in the mass conversion event are saying that “we will never follow Gori or Ganpati or any Hindu God Goddesses. We will never believe in the incarnation of God“. It seems that people at this mass conversion event are not just converting Hindus into Buddhists but they are also making sure that every converted Hindu will now start hating Hinduism forever.

And some people think that the presence of any Congress leader in such an event is expected but no one expects a BJP leader to be here at this event. But this is not the first time when BJP is endorsing or promoting some anti-Hindu activity, event, or campaign which is meant to convert or divide Hindus on caste lines.

So in the end you have to understand the simple fact that you do not have a strong nationalist Hindu party yet. What you have is a bunch of leftist and communist parties. You are just left with the option to choose the least leftist party from all leftist parties. This is why a lot of Hindus feel that they have no other option but to choose BJP for now. That cannot be the long-term plan for Hindus if they really want equal rights and empowerment for their community.

So you may ask, what is the solution then? Well, I was listening to Sai Deepak’s speech one day and he put it very perfectly. That day when we will see competitive Hindutva within political parties then those will be our Acche Din (Good days). We actually need one or more real Hindutva parties which do not pretend about what they want to achieve. These parties should be firm and aggressive when it comes to fighting for the rights of Hindus within this country and even all around the world. Only competition can put BJP back on the right path, and if it does not get them back on the right path then they will have to lose power and a new front on Hindutva will emerge as the new winner which will benefit Hindus at large.

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Vikas Duhan
Vikas Duhan
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