China Building Bridge Over Pangong Lake In Territory It Occupied In The 1950s to counter India

China is constructing a bridge to connect the north and south points on the Pangong Lake in east Ladakh, new satellite data and imagery have revealed it.

China Building bridge and roads are not a new thing but these are some interesting developments because these moves seem more defensive than offensive. Refer to the video shown below to understand how.

The bridge is developing close to the Khurnak Fort, the possible narrowest place for this to be done of the 134-kilometer-long Pangong Lake.

China Building Bridge Over Pangong Lake In Territory It Occupied In The 1950s

The region around Khurnak Fort was captured by China in June 1958. Within the 1962 conflict, China expanded its territorial control to the Sirijap Complex, additional west of the Khurnak Fort. Through the conflict, India had Posted at Sirijap whereas the China side had a base at Khurnak. The ‘Fingers’ region, which was occupied by China side forces in May 2020, resulting in the standoff that also continues at some locations in east Ladakh, is additional west of the Sirijap Complex.

Giant bases of the PLA have existed at Khurnak and Sirjiap from the time of  1960s till now. The map under reveals the approximate location of Khurnak Fort, Sirjiap Complex, and the Fingers region.

Whereas India holds the region up to the western facet of Finger 4, which can also be referred to as Foxhole Point or Foxhole Ridge, and claims that the LAC runs via Finger 8, China claims that the LAC is near Finger 2. India has been sending patrols up to Finger 8 for years whereas the China side patrol up to the east facet Finger 4.

A report on ThePrint website says that China is constructing the bridge to counter Indian army actions of the type seen in August 2020, when the Indian Military, aided by troops from the Special Frontier Force, captured the heights of the Kailash Range overlooking China side positions alongside the bank of the Spanggur Lake, simply south of the Pangong Lake.

The development of the bridge will assist China to enhance its army presence on the south financial institution of Pangong Lake.

Based on the report, the development of the bridge will minimize down the 180-kilometer distance between the north and south banks of Pangong Lake via Rudok, a PLA base situated on the east finish of the lake. With the development of the bridge, China side forces from the north of the Pangong Lake will have the ability to get to Rudok in a comparatively shorter time as the gap between Khurnak and Rudok will come all the way down to round 50 kilometers, the report says.

China Building Bridge Over Pangong Lake In Territory It Occupied In The 1950s to counter India
China Building Bridge Over Pangong Lake In Territory It Occupied In The 1950s

The China side has lately constructed a brand new street across the Spanggur Lake linking the Moldo garrison with the bottom in Rudok. The older street, which connects Moldo to Rudok, runs alongside the southern bank of Spanggur Lake. It had grown to be susceptible after India occupied the heights of the Kailash Range in August 2020.

The development of the bridge seems to have begun lately. It’s being erected utilizing prefabricated constructions, the report says, citing sources within the defense institution.

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