French Company Safran and HAL sign agreement to develop helicopter engines

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) which is a state Run airplane and fighter-jet making company has just recently signed an agreement for making helicopter engines in collaboration with France’s Safron company.

This Memorandum of understanding was signed by R Madhavan who is the Chairman and managing director of HAL. On the other side, Frank saudo who is the chief executive officer of Safran helicopter engines was present with Olivier Andries who is the chief executive officer of Safron.

Under this agreement, both of these companies will establish an Aero-engine company in India to develop and further master the helicopter engines which will be made under this venture.

The ministry of defense has a requirement for future-ready engines for its various helicopters including the 13-ton IMRH Indian multi-role helicopter. One of the main objectives of this deal is to meet those requirements of the ministry of defense’s future helicopters.

This deal also focuses on one of the main aims of our Indian government which is to achieve total “atmanirbharta” or self Reliance when it comes to making crucial defense equipment.

Even in the past both of these companies have used their skills to establish multiple joint ventures and partnerships to develop Technology including the Shakti engine which actually powers helicopters produced by HAL including the light combat helicopter, Dhruv and Rudra.

R Madhavan acid in a statement that Safran helicopter engine is one of our very much valued partners for decades. Now we are looking forward to using this opportunity to further use the skills of HAL experience in manufacturing more than almost 15 types of aircraft and helicopter engines to finally co-develop and manufacture engines with a focus on IMRH and its sea-level variant which is Deck based multi-role helicopter (DBMRH).

Frank Saudo also said something similar by mentioning how the creation of this new joint venture will mark a new relationship point with HAL and the ministry of defense in India to further produce and develop new generation helicopter engines.

Vikas Duhan
Vikas Duhan
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