10 Beautiful Diya Decoration Ideas for Competition and Home Diwali

As the festival season is coming soon we will all be involved in cleaning the house, decorating the walls, and making the house full of lights and colours. One thing that a lot of us have seen others doing in this festival season is decorating diyas at home. A lot of you actually want to decorate the Diya yourself, a lot of you want beautiful Diya decoration ideas for Diwali, for competition, or maybe simply because you want to decorate Diya. You don’t have to tell me the reason but I will tell you that after reading this post you will be able to decorate diyas at home easily.

Before we get into Diya decoration ideas for Diwali and competition let’s first see some of the most basic questions that people have in their mind about Diya decoration.

Some frequently asked questions or FAQs are as below.

How do you make easy clay Diya?

Diyas are simply put traditional lamps which are used for festivals as well as lamps for decoration. So one question that comes to your mind is how do you make clay Diya?

First of all, I would not suggest you make your diya yourself. It is always cheap and easy to just buy homemade diya from a small business owner or directly from the shop. These diyas are usually made of clay so they are not expensive at all.

But still, if you want to make diyas at home, then you can follow some simple steps and make diya at home. You can also watch some video tutorials from youtube for this. One such tutorial is shown below.

You can also easily buy diyas online. These diyas are cheap, beautiful, and works for a long time.


What is meant by Diya decoration?

A simple-looking diya is not enough. When you are celebrating a day like Diwali you need some good-looking Diyas and that’s where Diya decoration comes in. Diya decoration is basically a process in which we decorate the diyas and make them beautiful more attractive for decorative purposes.

Diya decoration is the art of decorating lamps with diyas – small clay lamps that are lit during festivals. It originated in the Indian subcontinent and has spread to other parts of Asia.

The benefits of diya decoration are many. It provides an opportunity for people to create beautiful things, made by themselves, in their own homes. It also helps them stay connected to their culture while they celebrate festivals like Diwali.

The Pros & Cons of Decorating with Diyas

Diyas are usually used in Indian homes during the festival season. They are also known as diyanam in the Marathi language. They represent happiness, prosperity, good luck and auspiciousness.

It is important to consider the pros and cons of using Diyas when decorating with these items.

The Pros

Diyas are not expensive

Diyas can be customized according to your needs

Diyas items can be reused for other purposes in future

Diyas allows for creativity and personalisation of design

The Cons

Diyas might not work well with certain surfaces like porcelain or marble that require regular cleaning or sealing with wax or polish.

How do you decorate Diya?

DIY Diwali Decorations Ideas in Next 2 Hours

Diwali is celebrated on a 16-day period after the Hindu festival of lights – Deepavali. Diwali marks the return of Rama, an avatar of Lord Vishnu, who came to rescue his wife Sita from the demon king Ravana. On this auspicious occasion, people light diyas (lamps) and fireworks while celebrating India’s victory over darkness and evil.

The best way to decorate your home in the next 2 hours is to buy cheap diyas. You can find them at any corner or market that sells Indian decoration essentials.

So there is a whole process to decorating the diyas. Some diya decoration ideas are very easy and can be done within minutes while others can take a bit more time. The whole Diya decoration tutorial has been mentioned below in the article.

Which Colour is best for diya decoration? – Diya colouring Ideas

So there is no rule in choosing the colour for the diya decoration. But most of the people go for good bright looking colours such as yellow, red, pink, blue etc. As you will go through the article, you will understand the choices of colours that you need to make.

10 Beautiful Diya Decoration Ideas for Competition and Home Diwali
Which Colour is best for diya decoration? – Diya colouring Ideas

Use the image shown above to understand which colour will work good with which colour as the background.

Example – If your diya has black body colour then you should go with objects & pieces of yellow, red, orange, green and violet colour so they can look good on it.

What is diya competition?

Diya competition is the type of competition in which various people participate and decorate their diyas with their best diya decorating ideas. The best looking and most attractive diya decoration wins the competition.

Everyone loves Diwali. This festival brings a lot of emotions, some of them are happy some of them are sad and some of these emotions are our own creation when we are not able to celebrate a good festival. As we know Diwali is a festival triumph of light over darkness. So let’s focus on the lightness and start building some good looking Diyas at home.

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What is Diwali?

Just in case that some of you don’t know what Diwali is, Let me just tell you that Diwali is one of the most celebrated Hindu festivals in India. This day is celebrated as Lord Ram Triumph over Ravan. This is seen as a triumph of light over darkness, good over evil. This day is celebrated by the Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists all over the world.

The History of Diya and How it Became a Popular Indian Diwali Holiday Decoration item

Diya is a Hindu symbol that is believed to symbolize light or fire. The word “diyas” is derived from the Sanskrit word “diya,” which means lamp. Diya is used as a decoration especially during festivals such as Diwali and Rakhi.

This section will discuss how diya became a popular Indian holiday decoration and what makes it unique amongst other popular decorative objects. It will also mention some of the famous Indian festivals and traditions that use diyas as decorations during those times, such as Diwali, Rakhi, Ganesha Chaturthi, Navratri, and Dussehra

Types of Diyas and Their Uses in Various Events and Holidays

A decorative item made from a metal or clay piece is usually shaped like a circle with a hole at the centre. The size of the diya varies from one culture to another, but generally, it is used as an auspicious item to mark specific celebrations or occasions, such as weddings, Diwali, Navratri etc. In India, many communities believe that lights from this diya will guide them through their journey through life.

Painted diyas ideas

Now, let us discuss 10 Beautiful diya decoration ideas for the competition and home Diwali. We will start with the easy one.

Simple Stone Diyas with Colour Block – For simple diya decoration competition entry

We are starting with one of the easiest Diya designs. as you have seen the name you can easily understand that in this Diya there is one solid colour and then there are some colourful stones embedded on it. This is a very low budget diya decoration idea which you can complete very little time sitting at your home.

10 Beautiful Diya Decoration Ideas for Competition and Home Diwali
Simple one colour diya with colour block – decorated diya images

Materials Requirements for this diya decoration idea

first of all, you are going to need blank Dia.

Second, you will need some paint colours.

Then you will also need some paintbrushes of basically any size.

you will also need some colour markers.

The next thing that you will do is the stones that you are going to embed on the Diya.

Glue is also something that you will need.

Steps that you need to follow for this diya decoration

Before proceeding into the steps we should first soak this raw and simple diyas into the water for a few hours. This will help the process as it will keep the paint for a longer time one diya.

You can make this kind of diya decoration in bulk as it is very simple and not very time-consuming.

First of all, you can start by painting the whole diya into one single colour of your choice. remember to choose the colours wisely as certain colours will not look good in the background with the foreground colour. Refer to the below image for exact information on that.

Then in the second step, you can paste those stones that you have with them border layers of Diya with glue. this will only increase the beauty of the Diya. You should do this very slowly as you don’t want to ruin the design. But do not worry about it too much is very simple and no matter what, the diya will look much better than the simple one without the design.

Then wait for some time for diya to properly become dry of glue. Finally, you have made a simple Diya design by just spending minutes on it.

Diyas with 2 Body colours

This next design is also very simple. In this design, we are basically covering the entire inner body of the diya with one particular colour of our choice. While on the other side we are covering the whole outer body of the diya in another colour of our choice which will suit us.

The Other process is basically the same as the previous diya decoration idea. You have to follow all the same steps other than having to have two colours on the Diya structure.

you can also colour the edges of the diya in a third different colour. this will make the diya look even more awesome.

Diya decoration with waste material

Now let’s take a look at some of the DIY diya decoration ideas for Diwali which are made with waste materials for Diya decoration at home.

Diyas made with Waste CDs

For this, you have to simply take the CD and make an awesome design on it of your choice. Now place beautiful Diya with your handmade design in between the CD and you are done. Just go around your house and place this CD with diya anywhere in the house where people can see your creativity. And just like that, you have a waste CDs Diya.

Diyas made with Waste CDs

Bangle Diya

this is the kind of diya decoration idea in which you use a lot of waste bangles that you can find at your home. First of all, you have to glue them all together in the shape of Diya. You can place them on top of each other in a specific design way of your wish. Then you are going to place a cardboard at the bottom and glue it to the bottom surface of these bangles. Then you are going to place a candle in between the bangles on cardboard which will act as the Diya. You can also place an actual Diya in between these bangles by making minor adjustments.

Diya made with waste materials like bangles- Bangle diya

Paper diya decoration ideas – diya decoration for kids

this is the kind of decoration idea in which you will use paper as decoration while making your Diya even more beautiful. We are going to implement these diya decoration ideas for competition for kids.

10 Beautiful Diya Decoration Ideas for Competition and Home Diwali
Varanasi Paper diya boat used to float diyas in water – pictures of diya decorations

Lotus Diya – For First Prize diya decoration competition

This is the kind of Diya design in which you will take the paper and make a Lotus design on it and cut it out in such a way that it looks like a lotus. Then you are going to place your well-designed Diya in the centre of it. And that’s it you are done. You can make as many different designs as you want with the paper. You just have to use your own creativity for different designs that inspire you the most.

Funny and Creative Diya decoration ideas for competition for kids

These diya decorations will definitely bring a smile to your child’s face.

A colourful flower-shaped diya

Star-shaped diya

Diyas made of paper and tape

A round-shaped diya that has a dot in the centre like an eye on the forehead of an Indian God or Goddesses

Beautiful Diya decoration ideas for competition

Now we are getting to the good stuff. In this part of the article, we are going to discuss some of the most beautiful ideas for diya decoration for competition. This kind of competition usually takes place in your school or your college. So we are going to take this part very seriously by giving you some of the most amazing ideas that you can use for your diya decoration.

DIY decorating is catching on. We have DIY stores, DIY blogs, DIY fads, and of course, DIY competitions. But what are the best ways to compete? This section of the article will give you some tips on how to decorate your diya for a competition while staying within your budget.

DIY competition ideas:

Wreath-some decoration for your diya is a great way to get more out of it. You can use beads, ribbons, fabric scraps, anything that you think will look good on your diya!

The most important part is really the thought that goes into the decoration!

How to decorate a diya for competition – दिया डेकोरेशन आइडियाज फॉर कम्पटीशन

There are many simple and basic things you should consider at first when you are participating in a handmade diya decoration competition. The most common way to decorate a diya is by putting a mirror on it. Mirrors are considered auspicious in most countries and also provide an additional light source for puja.

To prepare for the competition, you can put some of your favourite things on your diya such as:

– crystals

– garlands of flowers

– cards with blessings from family or friends

– photos of winners or participants

Rangoli Diya – diya decoration ideas for diwali competition

As you can simply understand by the name, Hindi kind of diya decoration we are going to use beautiful and colourful rangoli on the floor. Then we are going to place our well-designed diyas on it at some certain places which looks good to you. this kind of diya decoration idea you are going to need more and more creativity of your own. We will suggest that you first draw the rangoli design on paper then think of the places where you are going to put the Diya. Also, make sure that you have already thought of the colour choices that you are going to make while making the rangoli.

10 Beautiful Diya Decoration Ideas for Competition and Home Diwali
Rangoli and diya put together on Diwali diya decoration

Diya making competition pictures

There are some of the images from the diya decorating competition where these students participated in their school class.

10 Beautiful Diya Decoration Ideas for Competition and Home Diwali
Diya making competition pictures where diya decoration from waste material is the main outcome – diya decoration competition in school
10 Beautiful Diya Decoration Ideas for Competition and Home Diwali
Diya making competition pictures – diya decoration competition in school

Big Diya decoration Ideas at home for Diwali

We are getting into some serious stuff where we are going to put all our creativity and efforts and give our best for the ultimate diya decoration idea.

Floating water Diya

For this kind of Diya decorating idea, you have to take a water big ball of water. Then you are going to place some flower leaves of different colours of your choice all over the water. Now take foam paper or basically any kind of paper/substance that can float on the water. Cut and design it the way that it looks like a flower. Then place your Diya in the centre of it and see the magic, see the beauty that you have just created. Again just like other ideas, you have to use your own creativity to make some changes according to you if you want things to look a certain way or give a certain feel.

Diya decoration for kids

Let’s take a look at some of the most basic and simple looking Diya designs for kids.

Leaf-shaped Diwali Diya

This is the Diya design in which u shape your Diyas in the shape of leaves. These kinds of diyas look amazing and are very well-liked by the kids.

Colourful designed Diya

we have already discussed how to colour the Diya in this article. Now just take your creativity to the next level by not just colouring the diya in one single colour but making a design of colours.

10 Beautiful Diya Decoration Ideas for Competition and Home Diwali
Aarti thali decoration for competition handmade – Colourfully designed diya decoration images

A lot of people have a lot of questions related to decorating diyas. Some of these questions are as follows.

how to decorate diya

how to decorate diya for kids

how to decorate diya for Diwali

how to decorate diya with beads

how to decorate diya with waste material

how to decorate diya with paint

We hope that we have answered all your questions throughout this article. If you still have some questions then don’t hesitate to ask them in the comment section down below.

So these were some of the most amazing Diya decoration ideas that we could find from all over the internet. You don’t have to waste your time by looking at other articles because we have combined all of the information that they already have into this one big and beautiful article. you can also support our efforts by sharing this article with your friends and family.

Now let’s end this article with a positive note. Let us promise to each other that on this Diwali or other festival we are going to support the small businesses which only Comes Around on Diwali and other festivals. You can show your support by simply buying diyas or other decoration items made by them at their home. This simple help might make their life and make their Diwali better for them and their family.

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