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Best Top Female YouTubers in India 2022

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Here is a list of top female YouTubers in India, who are making waves and blowing up on YouTube. The list of top female YouTubs in India includes a variety of popular personalities from different genres.

As the digital landscape changes, female online content creators are becoming more visible. Some of these YouTube stars have even come up on the global stage.

Women on YouTube are now earning millions of dollars by creating videos that showcase their lives and interests. They are also gaining international recognition for their work.

With platforms like YouTube providing new avenues for female content creators to display their talents, there is no reason why women can’t be as successful as men in this field.

With the rise of female video creators, it has become easier for new people to find their voice. This new trend is changing how we consume content online and is providing opportunities for young women to build a career around their creative skills.

The YouTubers of today are the role models of tomorrow, shaping the future of cinema and entertainment.

This article tells you more about what kinds of female content creators are changing the face of YouTube in India.

Introduction: What is a Youtuber and Why do People Follow These Female Content Creators?

YouTube is a site that is known for its content creators. There are so many people on the site that it can be hard for users to find someone that they are interested in watching their videos.

Most female content creators are popular because of how relatable they are, their personalities, and the way in which they tell stories through their videos.

A Youtuber is an individual who creates content in the form of videos that are shared on the internet. They provide entertainment, education, or news content to their audience. People follow these YouTubers because they are entertaining and informative.

As an increasing number of people start using YouTube as a place to watch TV shows, movies, and tutorials for their favorite topics, it has become a platform where anyone can create their own video content.

This increased competition in the YouTube market has caused some YouTubers to use strategic marketing strategies in order to grow their viewership and followership numbers. This includes making YouTube videos that are more appealing to advertisers with higher CPMs or having a trademarked brand name that can draw more viewers towards watching your video.

The Rise of Female Youtubers in India

The most recent study on the video industry in India by IMRB International shows that YouTube is not the only platform where female creators are making their mark.

The study revealed that,

“The percentage of YouTube users who are female increased from 38% to 47% between 2014 and 2016, with female creators making up nearly one-fifth of all YouTube content creators.”

With more women entering the field, the digital industry is now experiencing a shift towards more diverse content. At this point, it is important for companies across industries to make efforts to create platforms where diversity can thrive.

What is Women’s Empowerment and How it is Promoted Online?

Female empowerment is defined as the process of social change that increases the power of women. It is being promoted online through social media, blogs, and other online forums.

With many people now gravitating to social media for their news, YouTube has become an important platform for female empowerment. Women’s rights groups have found a way to share their stories on this platform without fear of being censored or shamed.

With the rise in digital activism, more women are sharing their stories on YouTube channels with hopes of inspiring others and spreading awareness about gender inequities.

This article will try to figure out the top female influencers in India over the next few years. These are also some of the top female Indian YouTubers who fall in the list of popular top 10 Indian female YouTubers.

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Top Female YouTubers in India

It is hard to find female YouTubers who are not well-known. That is because they are extremely talented and have the skills to attract audiences. They are also very hardworking and have all kinds of followers.

They have this popularity because they are able to capture the attention of their viewers by being relatable, interesting, funny, and genuine in their videos. It is no wonder that people love these female YouTubers so much!

To become a top YouTube channel creator for women, it takes talent, determination, passion, dedication, effort, time, and money. These female YouTubers work tirelessly on their content even if it means turning down opportunities or taking a break from their regular lives.

A large number of female Indian YouTube stars are not only popular overseas but also in India. It is interesting to know about these women because they are inspiring, entertaining, and relatable.

This article will mainly talk about top female YouTube creators of India 2022. It’s not an easy task but this article will give insights into the most influential women in the country. These are influencers who have or are creating content on various topics ranging from beauty, fashion, food, lifestyle, to more personal content like parenting and relationships.

This article has given insights into top woman YouTubers in India based on their influence on their audience and influence outside of the YouTube space. This list is by no means set in stone but it gives an indication about who is coming up as a potential influencer for Indian women.

The list of best female YouTubers in India to watch in the future is given below.

Nisha Madhulika

Best Top Female YouTubers in India
Nisha Madhulika – Best Top Female YouTubers in India

Nisha Madhulika is an Indian food Blogger and youtuber. She has more than 12 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Nisha’s popularity started to grow thanks to her love for Indian culture, especially Indian food. Her videos are loved by people of all ages and many remain her top videos on the website even today.

Nisha Madhulika is an Indian YouTuber whose content focuses on food, culture, lifestyle, and travel in India.

Prajakta Koli – MostlySane

Best Top Female YouTubers in India 2022
Prajakta Koli, MostlySane – Best Top Female YouTubers in India

Prajakta Koli is an Indian YouTuber who has more than 6.3 million followers on youtube.

She also has a huge fan following on Twitter and Instagram. She is popular for her high-quality content and comedic videos about various topics.

Prajakta Koli has gained popularity for her hilarious and relatable content which makes you laugh with tears running down your face.

Besides being a Youtuber, Prajakta also talks about issues such as feminism, women empowerment, and issues faced by other women.

Prajakta Koli – MostlySane talking about cyberbullying

Niharica Singh – Captain Nick

Best Top Female YouTubers in India
Niharica Singh – Captain Nick – Best Top Female YouTubers in India

Niharica Singh has a youtube channel dedicated to comedy videos. She is a female YouTuber who has a large following, with a total of 2.2 million subscribers and millions of views on her videos.

Her channel description –

Hi, my name is Niharicka and this is my channel, which is all about funny videos. I try to find humor in everyday situations because that’s how the world works! We need your support for this project since I’m trying to spread smiles everywhere! So please subscribe to me 🙂

Sonali Bhadauria – LiveToDance with Sonali

Best Top Female YouTubers in India 2022
Sonali Bhadauria – LiveToDance with Sonali – Best Top Female YouTubers in India

Mumbai-based Sonali Bhadauria is a YouTube creator who has been working in dance choreography and teaching classes. She has over 2.38 million subscribers and millions of views on her videos.

Today, she is one of the most prominent YouTubers who share their skill sets and passion for dance with the world through their videos.

Top 10 Most Popular Youtubers in India

Vidya Iyer – Vidya Vox

Vidya has been in the music industry long enough to know that writing music is not just about melodies and lyrics. It’s about the feelings they evoke. She often gets inspiration from other artists, makes connections with them through social media, and creates new songs with them.

Vidya Vox is a songwriter, record producer, vocalist, and composer who specializes in writing mashups and covers of popular songs with different musical styles or genres. Her personal YouTube channel is full of videos of her covering popular songs that are performed by her band on drums or loop pedals.

Kabita Singh – Kabita’s Kitchen

Kabita is a young Indian mom with a passion for cooking and food. Her youtube channel, called Kabita’s Kitchen, features recipes and DIY projects for people of all ages.

Kabita’s Kitchen has more than 11.3 million subscribers and millions of views on YouTube. It offers simple Indian recipes that can be reproduced at home with minimal ingredients. The videos are accessible to people around the world, regardless of where they live or their language abilities.

Kabita has brought Indian cuisine into the mainstream by doing it her way – cooking food in her own kitchen with her own ingredients, without any help from machines or chefs. She creates simple and authentic Indian food with the use of only common ingredients that will help people to have easy access to Indian food.

Kabita’s Kitchen is one of the most popular Indian cooking channels. Kabita uses recipes that she learned from her mother as well as from her travels across India – the birthplace of Indian cuisine.

Puja Luthra

Best Top Female YouTubers in India 2022
Puja Luthra – Best Top Female YouTubers in India

Pooja Luthra is an Indian beauty guru, YouTube celebrity, and digital media personality. She has created a YouTube channel that offers thousands of videos on her beauty, hair, makeup, and skincare tips on everything from how to do everyday tasks to self-care ideas for your skin.

Pooja Luthra rose to fame with her popular video “How to make your own DIY Indian face mask.” Her channel has grown ever since. From creating healthy lifestyle videos teaching people about yoga, meditation, and other forms of self-care to tutorials on how to use certain products in order to get the most out of them – Luthra covers it all in her videos.

Sejal Kumar

Best Top Female YouTubers in India 2022
Sejal Kumar – Best Top Female YouTubers in India

Sejal Kumar’s Youtube channel is one of the most followed fashion and lifestyle channels. It has over 1.38 million subscribers.

She started off in 2012 by posting videos related to make-up tutorials, DIY crafts, fashion, beauty tips, life hacks, etc. Her content consists of videos with a voiceover or in video format with no voiceover at all.

Jessika Kaur – JSuper kaur

Jessika Kaur is an Indian female Youtube Channel. She often brings light to topics that are otherwise unheard of in the world. For example, she posts videos on how to wear all kinds of clothes and some of these clothes are topics that not every YouTubers discuss.

Jessika Kaur is an Indian female Youtube Channel who has been posting videos for years now. Her YouTube channel, JSuper Kaur, has around 2 million subscribers and her videos have been viewed millions of times. She often brings light to topics that are otherwise unheard of in the world.

Shruti Arjun Anand

Best Top Female YouTubers in India 2022
Shruti Arjun Anand – Best Top Female YouTubers in India

Shruti Arjun Anand is an Indian female YouTuber, comedian, lifestyle, and fashion blogger. She has over 9.65 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Shruti Arjun Anand has a unique style of comedy that is often seen as controversial at times. She has made parody videos on modern-day Indian society and the celebrity culture in India. Her videos have received backlash due to being too crude at times but she still manages to maintain a growing fan base for her online content

She started her own YouTube channel in 2008 which was later closed down by her parents due to issues with her content. Shruti Arjun Anand is a popular YouTuber. She is known for her family comedy videos and lifestyle videos.

Shirley Setia

Best Top Female YouTubers in India 2022
Shirley Setia – Best Top Female YouTubers in India

Shirley Setia is an Indian YouTuber, Singer, Music producer, and songwriter. Shirley started her YouTube channel in 2012 with the goal of becoming one of the top YouTubers because she loved creating content for her fans.

Shirley has over 3.78 million subscribers on YouTube and millions of views on her YouTube account which is mostly composed of cover songs.

Anisha Dixit – Rikshawali

Anisha Dixit is an Indian female YouTuber who has around 3 million subscribers and millions of views. She usually creates videos about makeup, lifestyle, and fashion, and comedy.

Anisha has amassed a huge following on YouTube because of her content that appeals to both the male and female audience, which she shares through her Instagram account as well as her YouTube channel.

More Indian Female YouTubers with Most Subscribers

This is a list of even more Indian female YouTubers from different topics and styles of YouTube videos.

Neha Kakkar

Best Top Female YouTubers in India 2022
Neha Kakkar – Best Top Female YouTubers in India

She is an Indian singer and songwriter. She started her YouTube channel in 2012. Neha has recorded her songs in several languages including Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, and English. Neha Kakkar is one of the most successful female singers in India.


Rekha is an Indian female YouTuber who has gained a lot of popularity for her unique DIY ideas. Rekha has created a huge following all around the world.

Rekha aims to be natural in her makeup look. She believes that makeup should not be overused and should only be used to enhance your natural beauty. Her social media posts are full of selfies showcasing her natural beauty without any makeup on.

Lilly Singh – Superwomen

Lily Singh, a popular YouTuber with 14.7 million subscribers, has become a global icon. She is the perfect example of what success looks like for an Indian female YouTuber.

Lily Singh is not just a well-known Indian American actor and comedian, she has also been to many Netflix shows and movies.

How does it work? Originally, Lily was doing stand-up comedy but she got her to break as a YouTube star after uploading her comedy clips on youtube. In the early days of YouTube, she would post funny videos every day and eventually became known by millions of viewers.

Girliyapa – Entertainment channel

Best Top Female YouTubers in India 2022
Girliyapa – Best Top Female YouTubers in India

Girliyapa is a youtube channel that was launched by 5 girls – Mouni Roy, Vena, Shruti Sethi, Harshita Tiwari, and Pallavi Gogia.

The girls are seen discussing their personal lives in an open manner on the channel. They have recently done a show with celebrity guests like Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan. The show was called ‘By The Way’ where the guests would ask them questions about life which they would answer candidly.

The youtube channel has over 4.46 million subscribers and garners over 3 million views every day across all its videos uploaded on YouTube.

Tanya Khanijow – Travel female youtuber

Tanya Khanijow is a travel female YouTuber who has been the host of several travel shows. She currently has over 765k subscribers on YouTube.

In her videos, Tanya talks about different aspects of traveling with a family and how to make traveling with kids fun. In addition to that, Tanya also shares her personal travel experiences with her audience.

She also gives advice on how to stay healthy during your travels and what to do in case of emergencies while traveling overseas.

Komal Pandey – Beauty and Fashion female youtuber

Komal Pandey is an Indian female YouTuber. She is famous for her beauty and fashion videos.

Komal Pandey, also known as KomalP, was born in Delhi, India on September 23rd, 1995. She graduated from SIES College of Art Design & Technology in 2014. For the past 2 years, she has been doing Youtube videos on makeup tutorials and fashion trends with over 988k subscribers.

Komal Pandey is very active about social causes such as women’s empowerment through her videos and posts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Sherry Shroff (Scherezade Shroff) – Entertainment and Beauty female youtuber

Scherezade Shroff is an Indian female YouTuber, who has over 324K subscribers on her youtube channel. She is a fashion and beauty guru from India. She mainly talks about the latest trends in the fashion and beauty space, how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and her own personal experiences with beauty products.

Frequently Asked Questions about Indian female youtubers with most subscribers

These are the most commonly asked questions on the internet about the Best Top Female YouTubers in India.

Which female YouTuber has most subscribers?

Mariand Castrejon Castañeda

Mexican YouTuber Mariand Castrejo’s channel has the most subscribers in YouTube with 23.7 million followers. She is best known for her beauty videos, as well as her travel vlogs and fashion tutorials.

If you are not talking about female YouTubers alone then, PewDiePie is the most subscribed YouTuber with over 110 million subscribers.

Who is India’s No 1 YouTuber?

In India, there is a huge number of YouTube personalities. Some of the popular ones are Bhuvan Bam (bb ki vines), Ashish chanchlani, Amit Bhadana

If you are looking for answers to the question “Who is India’s No 1 YouTuber?” then let me tell you that subscriber wise currently Carryminati has more than 32.8M subscribers which makes him the most subscribed YouTuber in India.

Which beauty YouTuber has the most subscribers in India?

Indian beauty YouTubers are very popular. With the number of subscribers increasing drastically, many are asking – Who has the most subscribers in India?

We researched this to find out what the most subscribed beauty YouTubers are. We looked at their subscriber numbers, videos uploaded per week, and social media engagement to find out which beauty YouTube star is the biggest in India.

Here’s our list of top beauty YouTube stars in India with top subscriptions.

  1. Kritika Khurana
  2. Shreya Jain
  3. Ankita Chaturvedi (Corallista)
  4. Debasree Banerjee
  5. Komal Narang

Conclusion: Check out these Top Female YouTubers in India that inspires us all

This article has talked about the top female YouTube channels in India. Each of these YouTube channels is unique in its content and style. They have a range of followers from different age groups and interests.

Now it is your job to let the world know about these inspiring Female YouTubers of India. To do that, please share this article with your friends and family right now. If you have any question then you can ask it in the comment section down below.

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