Khalistanis shared an animated video showing how they wanted to block PM Modi on a flyover and throw him off to kill him

Days after the safety of PM Modi was compromised throughout his go to Punjab, a year-old animated clip posted by alleged Khalistanis has become popular on Twitter with an uncanny resemblance to the incident. Netizens have been circulating the video, mentioning the eerie connection between what was proven within the animated clip a yr in the past and what occurred on January 5, when Prime Minister Modi’s safety was jeopardized owing to state equipment negligence when his convoy was blocked on a flyover by protestors utilizing vehicles and tractors.

BJP Chief Kapil Mishra posted the video and claimed a rerun of the 2020 animated video in 2022. This video was allegedly uploaded by Khalistani supporters on YouTube a yr in the past.

Khalistanis shared an animated video showing how they wanted to block PM Modi on a flyover and throw him off to kill him

The three.02-minute video titled FER DEKHANGE – Kissan Ekta Zindabad was uploaded on December 1, 2020, by a YouTube channel named Dhakka Gaming. The track that performs within the background of the incendiary video is the track ‘Baaghi’ sung by Punjabi singer Simu Dhillon, who got here up with the track in September final yr when the so-called farmer’s protest was at its peak.

At the first of the video, an animated character of Prime Minister Modi approaches his convoy. Two gunned safety personnel could be seen trailing him. PM Modi then gets into his automotive and drives away along with his entourage. Subsequently, it exhibits an animated character resembling rapper and singer Sidhu Moosewala, who has been noticed sympathizing with the Khalistani narrative a number of instances within the history, seated in a blue tractor and going in direction of PM Modi’s convoy. The blue tractor is adopted by one other pink tractor. After some time, one other tractor joins them. When PM Modi’s convoy approaches a flyover around 1.13 minutes into the video, a whole lot of civilian automobiles and 1000’s of individuals are seen ready for his entourage.

Khalistanis shared an animated video showing how they wanted to block PM Modi on a flyover and throw him off to kill him

At 1 minute 30 seconds, the animated character of Prime Minister Narendra Modi exits his automotive and walks in direction of the group, most certainly to barter, however, the enraged crowd begins storming in direction of PM Modi. Seeing the mob strategy, the horrified safety personnel flee in the wrong way. PM Modi additionally begins scrambling to get away from the outraged mob, however, he’s cornered. He tries to run however is besieged by the group, a few of whom are holding sticks. PM Modi, waylaid by the mob, sits on the street, pleading for pardon, whereas the group stands encircling him.

A number of such content had been made utilizing GTA and uploaded in the course of the starting of farmer protests in 2020, which present PM Modi being attacked by protestors. In one other such video, PM’s convoy is seen blocked by dozens of automobiles, together with vehicles, tractors, and monster vehicles. These automobiles break by means of a cordon, whereas Modi is chased by folks on a bridge. However, he’s stopped by a monster truck with Kissan Ekta Zindabad written on it. The truck pushed Modi to the sting of the bridge, inflicting him the autumn down, and he stays hanging by the toes from the bridge whereas the attackers line the bridge to look at it.

One other such video confirmed a semi-hitting automotive being pushed by PM Modi on a bridge, after which the attackers chasing him to kill him.

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