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Get Real Instagram Followers and Likes Daily

Social media has become a big part of our life. We always capture our best movements of life and post them on social media. When it comes to sharing your best pics with the world then Instagram is the perfect platform for you. Even big brands and companies are taking this advantage to promote their goods and services through Instagram. It’s one of the most popular social media networking sites in the world with over 60 million images shared every month and over a billion like per day. So let us talk about how to get real Instagram followers.

Gaining Real Instagram followers

If you are starting on Instagram, then posting photos on Instagram will be very difficult for you. With all the excitement there will be a demotivation that your photos are not getting so many likes and views. So it’s very easy to get discouraged even when you know the benefits of social media, the power of social media.
So in this article, I am going to share the best ways on how to get unlimited real Instagram followers and likes daily. I will discuss all the natural ways as well as the ways by which Instagram followers will increase at high rates.

Here I will be focusing more on engaging people to your profile. The more people you engage to profile the more likes, followers, and views you get. But keep in mind that there is no substitute for regular posting and your own engagement with your audience through comments and messages.

Get Real Instagram Followers and Likes Daily
Get Real Instagram Followers and Likes Daily

Creating a perfect Profile

There is no perfect definition of a perfect Instagram profile. But if you want to become instant famous or if you just want to get likes on your selfies then you have to follow these steps. With these small tricks, you will be able to create a perfect profile that will ultimately help you in attracting others to your profile.

Choose a perfect Username

Again there is no perfect definition of a perfect username but I want you to choose a name that is unique. Try to choose a username that has no special characters and numbers. The username should be easy to remember which will help others to remember your profile and search it afterward.

Change your profile visibility

If you want to gain popularity then it is recommended that you change your profile from private to public. After making your profile public anyone will be able to follow your profile without your approval. People usually follow the profile’s privacy public so that they can see the content of that profile. Some people also change their profile back to private after they gain a certain amount of followers.

Select your profile photo

Try to create a profile picture that can show you or your brand or your product which you want to promote through your Instagram profile.

Create a perfect bio

You can write your Bio in almost 150 characters. If you want others to notice your profile then it’s important to get it right. It’s most important that your Bio should give a brief overview of what you are and what your profile is all about. You can also add hashtags in your profile bio so that it can be shown in the searches of that hashtag.
Now if you are promoting a website or a product or even your YouTube channel then you can add the link to your product or your website or your youtube channel in your Bio.

Posting great photos

Now here comes the real game, you can’t just post low-quality photos and expect an insane amount of increase in your Instagram followers. You have to create engagement with your audience by posting real quality photos.
So you can post a variety of photos according to what your profile is all about. You can post photos that are fun to look at. When you are posting photos then please make sure that you post high-quality photos, not blurry or pixelated, and not obviously screenshots.

For editing your photos you can use different types of tools on your Android device or your computer. On your Android device, you can use the apps such as PicsArt, pixlr. On your computer, you can use software such as Adobe Photoshop.
So this all will lead you to the presentation of your profile or how your profile will look to the others. So this is most important that you follow all these steps to create a beautiful profile that everyone would like to follow.

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Use the right hashtags

So hashtag plays an important role when you share your photos and your videos on your profile. They are the backbone of your Instagram photos. With hashtags, you can make your photos or you can break your photos. So it’s important that you choose the right hashtag while posting your photos on the Instagram profile.
Let me explain to you the real reason that why hashtags really matter a lot.

If someone is searching for particular hashtags and your photo has the same hashtag then there are chances that your photo may appear in front of the person who has searched that particular hashtag. So it’s important that you choose the right hashtag, especially the hashtags which are popular in your country or in your area or the hashtags related to the emotions that you have shared or related to the topic you have shared. So let me share some of the best and the most popular hashtags with you.

#love #fashion #photography #art #beautiful #love #insta #food #india
There are many more other hashtags as well which are important for your profile growth. There are many hashtags like #follow4follow #like4follow #followforlike. You can use these particular hashtags to gain likes and Instagram followers.
Hashtags are not just important for you to gain somehow popularity but they are also important for you to show your post more appealing to your audience. You can enhance the beauty of your post through hashtags.

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Your profile strategy

So this is the most important thing. Why should people follow your profile? What is so special about your profile? What is so special about your photos?
You have to give the answer to this what in your photos. Ask yourself that what is your profile all about. People will only follow your profile when they see something interesting or something that is related to the content they want to see.

So let’s take an example here. If I have a profile that is just all about me then I will be posting photos of me and only related to me. But in my profile is about something like a brand or a product then I will be posting photos about the product or that particular brand. In this case, I should not post my personal photos on my product profile. It is the most important thing here. You can’t just put some random photo that is not even related to your profile theme.


So this is again the most important thing that comes to the posting of your photos. You have to remain consistent in posting your photos. You can’t just post one photo this week, one photo next month, and the next photo next year. But it doesn’t mean that you should post tun of photos every day. According to my, it’s best that you post one or two photos every day.

Get Real Instagram Followers and Likes Daily
Interact with Instagram audience

Interaction with your audience

Interacting with your audience is one of the best ways to keep your audience connected to your profile. You can do this by replying to the comments in your photos. You should reply to the messages that you get in your profile.

Time for posting

So now you already know that you have to post photos on your Instagram profile but the question arises when to post photos or videos on your profile. So it’s also important that you find the best time for posting your photos on your profile. It may be different in your case or your profile but I recommend posting photos at noontime. According to me this is the time when your audience will be using Instagram or Facebook or their other social media accounts the most and this is the best time to give them the content you want to give and get back the appreciation through likes and comments.

Get Real Instagram Followers and Likes Daily
Growing Instagram profile with interaction with other big profiles

Interaction with other big profiles

You have to follow other big profiles and you have to comment on their photos, you have to like their posts. This is one of the best and the most effective way to gain more Instagram followers naturally. Some of the people start following as many as people they can, which is not the best way I would like to suggest. Follow 4 follow is not something that will result in real Instagram followers.
If you just want to increase your followers and your likes then there are other better options for you which I will be discussing now.

Please share your important opinion in the comments down below about our article on Getting Real Instagram Followers and Likes Daily – Top Ways.

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