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Ira Khan slams trolls by sharing more pictures from her birthday pool party with Nupur Shikhare and Fatima Sana Shaikh | Hindi Movie News

Ira Khan celebrated her 25
th birthday with a fun-filled pool party with her family and friends. Ira had celebrated her birthday in the presence of Aamir Khan, Reena Dutta, boyfriend Nupur Shikhare, Kira Rao, Azad Rao Khan and several others. Pictures from her bash soon went viral on social media and netizens trolled the star kid for wearing a bikini in the presence of her father.

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Sharing a new set of pictures, Ira wrote. “If everyone is done hating and trolling my last birthday photo dump… here are some more.”. The last picture in the series featured Fatima Sana Shaikh, who has often been linked to Aamir Khan. Nupur had also shared the post and penned his reaction to all the trolls. Previously, singer Sona Mohapatra had defended Ira Khan against the trolls and penned on Instagram, “All the people outraging about Ira Khan’s choice of attire or linking it to what #AamirKhan said, did or didn’t in the past please note; she is 25. A free, thinking, adult woman. Is exercising her choices. Doesn’t need her dad’s approval or yours. BUZZ off. #Patriachy #India.”

Ira Khan is an avid social media user who often speaks her mind through her posts. Recently, Ira had shared a long note on anxiety attacks. She had penned “It’s a really crappy feeling. My therapist said if it’s become regular (context, I had 1 or 2 over 2 months versus almost every day now), I needed to tell my doctor/psychiatrist. In case anyone needed words to describe how they’re feeling and this can be of any help. It feels pretty helpless. Because I really want to go to sleep (it usually happens at night for me) but I can’t because it won’t stop. I try to identify my fears, talk myself down. But once it’s hit you, I haven’t found a way to stop it. You kind of need to ride it out. So far. That’s what I’ve figured. But while it’s building, talking to Popeye and breathing has helped make it not come to an attack. At least for a few hours. It also depends on if I get re-stressed by another stimulus later. Life’s full of variables. If you’re trying to be mindful, remember to take them all into account.”

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